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ADLINK Linux Solution
The Linux Support by ADLINK Products
ADLINK Linux Solution


Few people would debate that Linux is a reliable, secure operating system. In addition to being cost-effective, it is constantly being updated and refined with the latest technologies. As Linux gains greater acceptance throughout the computing industry, more and more companies are supporting Linux via both application and hardware compatibility. Currently ADLINK provide three Linux related products for customer. With these three products, user can program easily to control the ADLINK PCI/cPCI DAQ cards, program easily to construct the HMI(Human Machine Interface) for a control program and easily setup the Linux environment for ADLINK SBC(Single Board Computer) or CompactPCI platform.


PCIS-DASK/X is the industry application development device drivers for custom data acquisition under Linux. ADLINK PCIS-DASK/X software drivers provide a common Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) to ADLINK's extensive family of PCI, CompactPCI-bus plug-in data acquisition cards, making these drivers ideal for custom applications development under Linux environment. With ADLINK PCIS-DASK/X driver, you can easily access all of the functionalities of ADLINK NuDAQ PCI-based/CompactPCI DAQ plug-in cards. PCIS-DASK/X delivers performance, integrates systems and does not "run out of stream". ADLINK has spent many development efforts in PCIS-DASK/X drivers to ensure that you can get the best performance out of any data acquisition system you create.

PCIS-DASK/X Functions:

  • Single-Point Analog Input
  • Buffered Data Acquisition
  • Double-buffered Data Acquisition
  • Single-Point Analog Output
  • Digital I/O Control
  • Buffered Digital I/O
  • Double-Buffered Digital Input
  • Counter/Timer I/O

PCIS-DASK/X Support H/W:

  • PCI-6208A, PCI-6208V/16V, PCI-6308A, PCI-6308V
  • PCI-7200/cPCI-7200, PCI-7230/cPCI-7230, PCI-7233/PCI-7233H, PCI-7234, PCI-7248/cPCI-7248, cPCI-7249R, PCI-7250, cPCI-7252, PCI-7296, PCI-7300A/cPCI-7300A, PCI-7396, PCI-7432/cPCI-7432, PCI-7433/cPCI-7433, PCI-7434/cPCI-7434, cPCI-7432R, cPCI-7433R, cPCI-7434R, PCI-8554
  • PCI-9111, PCI-9112/cPCI-9112, PCI-9113, PCI-9114, PCI-9118, PCI-9812/10, cPCI-9812/10


DAQBench/X is a collection of Widgets for data presenting within Linux X Window system. With DAQBench/X, you can easily develop complex custom user interfaces to display your data.

DAQBench/X Widgets:

  • XdbBoolean Widget: It is a widget for operating Boolean functions
  • XdbSlide Widget: This widget represents different types of linear displays, such as the variant slide, thermometers and tank display.
  • XdbKnob Widget: This widget represents different types of circular displays, such as the knob, dial and different type of meters.
  • XdbSSegment Widget: This widget is an UI component for display number using style of seven-segment display.
  • XdbLEDMeter Widget: This widget is an UI component for display number using style of LED Bar display.
  • XdbGraph Widget: This widget is a flexible widget used for plotting data.
  • XdbDChart Widget: This widget is a flexible widget used for charting data.


ADLINK ADLinux is a successful attempt to create a Linux distribution for ADLINK NuPRO SBC(Single Board Computer) and NuIPC (CompactPCI standard) industrial PC platform. We want that all our NuPRO and NuIPC customer can easily install Linux on his platform. With this product, all users have to do is just to put the ADLinux CD disk in the CD-ROM, then the installation guide will handle the following installation procedures. User just select the H/W platform he use and the package he want, then the Linux kernel , H/W drivers and packages all will be installed in the machine. Just 3 minutes, user can get a true Linux system with ready drivers and packages support. Because the scalable size capability, the size of ADLinux is just between 8MB to 28MB(Depend on the selected H/W platforms and packages). Combined with ADLINK NuPRO SBC or NuIPC industrial PC platform, it is very suitable for Embedded applications. Currently ADLinux has three kernel versions support. Version 2.2.12 is for unique CPU support. Version 2.2.16 is for unique SMP(Multi-CPU) support and Version 2.2.14 is UMS DOS support.

ADLinux Functions:

  • The Linux Kernel
  • Support SMP architecture
  • ADLINK NuPRO and NuIPC platform VGA driver and Network drivers support
  • Support TCP/IP Network protocol
  • Support X windows
  • AfterStep Window Manager
  • Netscape Navigator
  • Apache Web Server
  • Boa Web Server
  • Scale size between 8MB ~ 28MB (Depend on platform and function)
  • The flexibility for additional Linux utilities or function modules

Software Information

  • PCIS-DASK/X: Data Acquisition Software Kit for ADLINK PCI/cPCI DAQ cards, Linux Version.
  • DAQBench/X: The Measurement and Automation Widgets for Linux.
  • ADLinux: The Linux system for ADLINK NuPRO and NuIPC platforms.
    The Linux driver for ADLINK HSL distributed I/O system.
    The Linux driver for ADLINK PCI-8134 notion control card.
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