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Universal Inputs, PID, Self-Tuning and Alarms Logic I/O, Relay and Analog Outputs can be Configured to Provide any Combination of Heating, Cooling and Alarm RS-232 or RS-485 Modbus RTU Digital Communications Digital Inputs and CT Feedback Optional Setpoint Programmer Ideal for plastic extruders, small ovens, chillers, sterilizers, trace heating, packaging machines Compact Size: 96W x 96H x 90D (mm)
The new 3204 1/4th DIN controller provides a new level of user convenience: A scrolling safety message delivers plain language messages to let operators and engineers alike know exactly what is happening to the process.

A Quick Start Wizard makes configuration simpler than ever. At initial power up the configuration is displayed on the lower display with clear descriptive text providing scrolling help for each setting.

Universal inputs enable the simple selection of any standard thermocouple, 2 or 3 wire Resistance Thermometer or process input. A custom linearization can be installed using the simple PC tool, iTools.

A Load Current Transformer (CT) Input provides the ideal method to monitor load current and provide immediate indication of load conditions using the built-in graphical display. Partial load failure, heater open circuit or thyristor short circuit can each be indicated by clear scrolling operator messages and relay output.

The Operator Interface is fully configurable enabling any parameter to be promoted for immediate operator access on level 1 or password protected level 2. This provides for the simplest solutions right through to sophisticated applications.

The new three color LCD display provides clear indication of process variables. The upper display shows the process measured value while the lower display can be set to display a range of parameters including, setpoint, time remaining and current.

The communications option provides full system integration through the industry standard modbus protocol.

Three outputs can be configured to provide any combination of heating, cooling and alarm.

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