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  测量精度:0.2%;采样速度: 9Hz ;可通过电脑下载用户线性化曲线;可调整输入滤波时间;可实现两个传感器自动或手动切换;且可对两只传感器进行差值或平均值计算; 基本单元具有1路测量输入,1路继电器输出和2路开关输入 3个I/O槽位,最多可增加3路模拟I/O或9路开关I/O;最多可装2个通讯口,可用一个与上位机通讯,另一个进行横向通讯;具有程序控制功能通讯协议:EI Bisynch,MODBUS,DEVICENET,PROFIBUS PDSIO
1.Single and multi-zone ovens, furnaces, and kilns 2.Setpoint programming 3.PID and valve postitioning control 4.Serial communications and PDSIO

The 2416 is a high stability programmable controller with an extensive range of options. Either PID, on/off or motorized valve control can be configured, for electrical and gas heating applications. Dual PID settings, advanced ‘one shot’ and continuously adaptive tuning are available.

The controller employs universal inputs with INSTANT ACCURACY™ and accepts a range of plug-in modules for heating, cooling, analog retransmission, second process value input and remote setpoint. High speed Modbus® and ASCII communications provide easy connection to PLC™ or PC based supervisory systems.

Multi-zone programming can be implemented using PDSIO® retransmission to deliver a master setpoint to one, two, or three client controllers, with holdback from any client if the temperature deviates from the setpoint by more than a set value.

Up to four setpoint programs can be stored with 16 ramp-dwell segments and up to three event outputs.

Eliminate ammeters using PDSIO® current monitoring facility. Heater current may be displayed and open and short circuit faults detected.

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